Are the Miami Marlins being underrated?

Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Elsa/GettyImages

I remember when the Miami Marlins (then Florida Marlins) won the 2003 World Series. The Fish were heavy underdogs not expected to beat anyone. Ironically the playoff run began with defeating the defending National League champs the San Francisco Giants. History can certainly repeat itself as The Fish are now playing the defending National League champs the Philadelphia Phillies. Once again the expectations are low.

The Miami Marlins are not expected to get past the National League Wild Card round. has predictions for the playoffs and every series has its favorites. The writers picking the winners don't always agree and every series has at least one picking a different team. In all expect one series... every writer picked the Philadelphia Phillies to beat the Miami Marlins. Wow.

Is it really that one-sided? I'm not going to deny that Philly are the favorites. I will however question just how good they really are. The pitching hasn't exactly been dominant for them this season. Their lineup has been pretty streaky as well. The only starting pitcher that worries me is Zack Wheeler. What about Jesus Luzardo? Wheeler has a 3.61 ERA, Luzardo has a 3.63 ERA. It's much closer than the writers would like you to believe. The two of course face each other in game 1 tonight,

I'll go further and say that I would take Jesus Luzardo over Zack Wheeler period. I remember watching the August 3 classic in loanDepot Park and seeing The Fish beat Philly in person. Why can't it happen again? I don't even think that The Fish are true underdogs, with both teams in the playoffs via the Wild Card.

I do agree with most of the rest of the predictions. I do see the Houston Astros as the heavy favorites in the American League. I also don't see the Baltimore Orioles going far with their starting pitching, though some writers think otherwise.

The Miami Marlins and the Philadlphia Phillies have never played each other in the playoffs before. Let's start that off with a big series win. I believe in our Fish and you should too!

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