Are these 3 Miami Marlins worth keeping around?

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The Miami Marlins third base question is really the big question, and although Jean Segura hasn't been named or his position mentioned in trade rumors, is seems that he would be a prime upgrade target. Third base is a huge power hitters position and Marlins starter Jean Segura ranks last in every offensive category in major league baseball among starters who have played at least within 5 games of his 52.

Segura's slash line is .191/.258/.219 with an OPS of .477 and he has not hit a home run yet as a Marlin while only driving in eight. There are better options, even within the organization as it would seem calling up a AAA prospect would be better than Segura's production at the moment. I would much rather trade for a prospect at third base who needs time to grow than continuing this, however Segura won't have much trade value as he is under contract for two years and all monies are guaranteed.