Best Miami Marlins draft pick in the last 10 years

2023 MLB Draft
2023 MLB Draft / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins had some interesting picks in the recent draft, and you should definitely check out our thoughts on them. Have you ever wondered who was the best pick by the team this decade? It's pretty fascinating to take a look back and see just how the team did in previous drafts. It will take years before we'll know how Kim Ng did in this year's draft, but how did previous drafts go?

Who was the best Miami Marlins draft pick of the decade?

I'm going to look at the entire NL East here for context. Let's start with the New York Mets, whose best draft pick of the last decade is first baseman Pete Alonso. It's hard to argue this, as Alonso has been one of the best power hitters in the game. The interesting thing is that he was picked in the second round back in 2016. Can you believe that everyone passed on him in the first round?

The Atlanta Braves' best pick was 3B Austin Riley back in 2015. Riley is a top third baseman, so once again this was clearly a great pick and kind of a steal for them. I wish that the Miami Marlins made that pick this season, you'll see why this especially makes sense when I get to The Fish's best draft pick.

The Philadelphia Phillies had a great pick in 2014, when they drafted starting pitcher Aaron Nola in the first round. Nola is not having that great of a season, but has been a solid arm for most of his career. He was even a Cy Young award contender in 2018, 2020 and 2022.

The Miami Marlins have not one but two players on this list. One current and one former. The interesting thing is that the best pick is actually the former player. That player is none other than current Milwaukee Brewers third baseman Brian Anderson. The 2014 third rounder has a career .256/.341/.410 batting line for the team. The fact that he's The Fish's best draft pick of the last decade is pretty underwhelming.

The Washington Nationals made their best draft pick, by selecting current Miami Marlins starting pitcher Jesús Luzardo in 2016's third round. He of course ended up traded to the Oakland Athletics just 13 months later, in a bad trade for the team.