Bizarre rumor about Miami Marlins ace leaving the team

Jesus Luzardo supposedly wants to leave the Miami Marlins, according to a report
Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Rich Storry/GettyImages

There was some talk this off-season about the Miami Marlins trading ace Jesus Luzardo. He's now set to start Opening Day for The Fish. There's a strange report going around about how Luzardo wants to leave The Fish. Let's take a look at the report and see whether we can make much sense of it,

Jesus Luzardo is not getting traded by the Miami Marlins anytime soon.

The Miami Marlins have enough pitching injuries that it's pretty unbelievable to imagine that the team will be trading the ace. The Fish are trying to contend as well, so there's no reason to even think about it until the trade deadline. Luzardo is a free agent after the 2026 season and will have rising arbitration salaries. Trading or extending him will definitely be an issue in the long run, but for now of course there's zero reason to think that it will happen.

The report comes from Boston Globe writer Julian McWilliams. McWilliams claims that when he was covering the Oakland Athletics (Luzardo's former team), Jesus was impressed by pitching against the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park. He claims that Luzardo told him:

‘"Dude, I’ve never pitched in a place like this. It was an amazing experience, the mound is just different."

That's a pretty wild take. Fenway Park is a historic park with a ton of the game's history taking place in it. It's not surprising that a player might enjoy pitching there. It sounds as if Jesus Luzardo liked pitching there. If someone asked me what I thought about Fenway Park, I'd say it was a nice park to visit in a really nice area. It wouldn't however mean that I'm a Red Sox fan or that I want to live in Boston.

Jesus Luzardo liking Fenway Park, means absolutely nothing as far as him wanting to play for the Boston Red Sox. Let alone that he would want to be traded there. It seems that the article just wants to start a baseless rumor about a trade between the Miami Marlins and Boston. A trade that looks highly unlikely at the moment.

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