Bruce Sherman has major Miami Marlins trade deadline news!

Bruce Sherman
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The Miami Marlins spending money relative to the market has been a major topic for us. The fact is that The Fish can indeed spend at those levels. The problem has just been owners refusing to do so. Can it possibly finally change? I can't be more excited, as I say that it finally maybe happening! Bruce Sherman made some interesting statements today and it's time to see what that means!

The Miami Marlins will be active at the Trade Deadline.

The Miami Marlins are holding the top NL Wild Card spot with a 51-38 record and a .573 winning percentage. This is something that hasn't happened outside of The Fish's World Series winning seasons. That said, the team could definitely use some help... How about a new bat at third base? Jean Segura is only hitting .202/.272/.252 this season. Catcher is another area of need. Nick Fortes is batting .214/.265/.297 and Jacob Stallings is hitting .198/.288/.273 this season. Combined, Fortes/Stallings/Segura have been worth -1.6 WAR. Yes that's a negative WAR.

SS has also been an issue for the Miami Marlins. Joey Wendle has been worth 0.9 WAR, but isn't hitting too well, (though a .271/.309/.381 batting line isn't bad). More power at the position could be useful. You can make an argument that one more shutdown relief pitcher, and an innng eating starting pitcher would help. I don't see how anyone can argue that the main issue for the team is the offense however.

The biggest fear for all of us Miami Marlins fans has been owner Bruce Sherman potentially not spending enough on the team. Here's what Sherman had to say after speaking with the Miami Herald:

"This has been one of the most exciting seasons in Marlins history, and I am thrilled with what we have accomplished thus far. The job is not done. We want to be in the 2023 postseason. I am prepared to give Kim and her staff the resources she needs over the next month to help the club.”

This is exactly what Miami Marlins fans want to hear and a very promising sign for the upcoming Trade Deadline. Will Kim Ng deliver?

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