Bruce Sherman won't sell the Miami Marlins

Bruce Sherman
Bruce Sherman / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Bruce Sherman isn't planning on selling the Miami Marlins according to an announcement from the team's owner himself. This report contradicts the recent rumors to the contrary. The big question that arises is will Sherman spend as the Miami Marlins should and can afford? Will Bruce Sherman raise payroll to appropriate levels? Let's take an in-depth look at what this announcement means for us Miami Marlins fans.

Bruce Sherman says that he will not sell the Miami Marlins.

The Miami Marlins are not for sale, have not been for sale under my ownership, and will not be for sale in my lifetime. It is irresponsible to report otherwise. It is and will continue to be a privilege to own this great organization. I look forward to seeing our loyal fans at Opening Day on March 30.

The above was Bruce Sherman's statement in response to the rumors that he was looking to sell the team. It sure sounds as if he's not interested in selling and is almost certainly what is going to happen, as in that he won't sell. Bruce Sherman does have an obligation to Miami Marlins fans however, and that obligation is to actively try to win. Spending money on the team is part of winning and is something that Sherman has to treat as vital to the team's future.

The Miami Marlins need to have competitive payrolls that are fair and comparable to other major markets. Miami is on par with New York City and Los Angeles, not San Diego and Kansas City. This means that the team must have a comparably high payroll. If that is something that Bruce Sherman can't afford, then he needs to do the right thing for the city and the fans and sell the team to someone that can.

MLB has an obligation to the fans to give them the best possible product. They can't allow a major market to be damaged by years of bad ownerships and a lack of spending. They have an obligation to step in and either make sure that the owner spends, or that an ownership change is done to lead to that. I hope that Sherman doesn't let us down.

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