Carlos Correa's signing is good news for the Miami Marlins

Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The Carlos Correa sweepstakes are finally over. The SS has re-signed with the Minnesota Twins for 6 years/$200 million. That's quite a fall for a contract that he was originally going to sign with the San Francisco Giants (13 years/$350 million) and the contract that the New York Mets offered him ($315 million). This is a bad development for Correa and a lucky one for Minnesota, but how does this affect the Miami Marlins?

Carlos Correa is not going to play third base for the New York Mets.

The New York Mets will not be adding a 5.4 WAR player (2022 stats) to the team. Even if he would've had less WAR and less value switching positions, that's an all-star caliber player that will no longer play for a division rival of the Miami Marlins. This is great news. The Minnesota Twins are in a different division in a different league, so what they do doesn't affect The Fish much.

The New York Mets will presumably still look for third base upgrades and might now have a new target for next off-season. One option is already off the board as Rafael Devers extended with the Boston Red Sox, therefore avoiding hitting the free agent market next off-season. This leaves Manny Machado as the top third base option available on next season's free agent market.

The New York Mets now only have only one serious upgrade option for third base (in free agency) and that is of course the aforementioned Manny Machado. The San Diego Padres will likely work hard to keep him, but are unlikely to outbid the New York Mets or any other more prestigious and wealthy team for his services. This isn't good news for The Fish, but it puts the Mets in a bidding war that there's still a chance that they might lose.

The Miami Marlins always benefit when a division rival doesn't improve and doesn't get what they want. The New York Mets not signing Carlos Correa helps The Fish. A possible pursuit by them of Manny machado is however quite a bit concerning, but it's probably too early to worry about that.

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