Could A World Series Texas Rangers player be a Miami Marlins offseason target?

The Marlins could be interested in a current Ranger
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two
World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are in need of a few things this offseason to have a better return in 2024 than this season. The biggest need the Marlins have is a big bat to replace Jorge Soler who is likely to be gone this offseason. Could the Marlins be in the market for a World Series player?

The Marlins need another catcher and a big hitter and the Texas Rangers C/DH Mitch Garver could fill both those holes. Garver is 32 and would provide some veteran leadership as well to the Marlins roster and with his playoff experience this season, he will provide even more leadership. Here are reasons why and why not he could be on the Marlins shopping list. 

Why Mitch Garver

As we said above, his playoff experience is invaluable and having World Series experience gives him a leg up over other catchers. Garver has played in big moments and against big teams and won, that makes huge difference. The Marlins could use playoff leaders on their current roster.

His stats are impressive and the Marlins need a big bat. Garver hit .270 this season with 19 home runs and 50 RBI which would be a huge increase to their current catcher production. Garver threw out 22% of would be base stealers which would be another improvement for the Marlins. Seems like it should be an easy yes, but what else is there to consider?

Why not Garver

Adding Mitch Garver could be like adding another Avisail Garcia, and we don’t want that for the Marlins. Garver had one good season aside from this year but is not consistent. The biggest issue is his durability, as Garver only played 87 games this season and only had one season over 100. The Marlins don’t need another injury bug around. In 2021 Garver played in 68 games and in 2022 only 54. 

Garver isn’t really a catcher either, although that might be a factor of his durability as well. Garver only played 28 games at catcher this season with the Rangers and 14 last season. There is no reason to go after him if he is only going to play a handful of games at catcher. Those reasons would give me pause and I don’t think I would go for him this offseason. 

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