Could Nolan Arenado top the Miami Marlins trade list?

Arenado may indeed be available but it will take a great deal, can the Marlins do it?
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It’s no secret the Miami Marlins are interested in boosting their batting lineup this trade deadline and third base is a huge hole.  Jeimer Candelario is looking like their top pick for a replacement for Jean Segura at third but they could be competing with several teams to obtain his services and the price tag will be high.   Who knows if the GM Kim Ng wants to spend that much money on a rental but the Marlins are buyers and that is often the result at the trade deadline.

The Cardinals star third baseman Nolan Arenado has a no-trade clause and it seemed for a while that he was off limits at the trade deadline.   Arenado did indicate he would be willing to wave the no-trade clause for the Dodgers and they were trying to acquire him.  It seemed initially that he would only wave it for the Dodgers as that was all that was reported but things have changed as the trade deadline gets closer.  

A tweet by reporter Mark Feinsand indicated that Nolan Arenado would not only waive his no-trade clause for the Dodgers but other teams two, which could open the door for the Marlins to acquire the star third-baseman.  If that is at all a possibility, I would say sell the farm to Kim Ng and give them 3 top prospects for Arenado. 

The biggest prohibitive issue with Arenado is his big contract and ownership would have to pony up the dough to acquire him.  If the Marlins can somehow trade Avisail in addition to prospects for Arenado, they maybe could swing it, but it’s a longer investment, which is why I like the idea.  Arenado is on a 9 year $275 million contact which goes through 2027.   They will need to trade one of their big money players in order to afford him.  

If the Marlins can somehow pull it off and get Arenado, their line would be supercharged.  Arenado has 22 home runs and 77 RBI to date, and he is slashing .287/.335/.521 with an OPS of .856.  He would be a leader on the team in run production and a close second in home runs, which would add another big bat for opposing pitchers to fear.  Go all in on Arenado and you could win the trade deadline, I hope that message is circulating through the Marlins front office. The big question remains, can any team, especially the Marlins, put together a sweet enough deal to pry him away from the Cardinals? They certainly are open to hearing offers.

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