Crazy trade idea for the Miami Marlins?

Trevor Story
Trevor Story / G Fiume/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have a need at SS, and it's clear that Joey Wendle cannot be the starter next season. We don't yet know who will actually be the team's targets, but that can be speculated at least. I like to think outside the box however, what if The Fish targeted a potential buy-low candidate? What if the team's upcoming new general manager targeted Boston Red Sox SS Trevor Story?!

The Miami Marlins need a SS and it may make sense to make an out of the box trade.

The Miami Marlins received very poor production from the SS position in 2023. The incumbent starter Joey Wendle was a disaster. He batted .212/.248/.306, with 2 home runs and 20 RBI in 112 games and 297 AB. He was worth an atrocious -0.2 WAR. There is an option in the Minor Leagues... Jacob Amaya.

Jacob Amaya had a "cup of coffee" with the team this season. He batted .222/.222/.222, with no home runs and 2 RBI in 4 games and 9 AB. He was worth 0.0 WAR for that small sample size. Amaya has not been a good hitter in the Minors, his calling card is his defense. Would it make sense to sacrifice offense for defense? That's debatable,

This brings us to the Boston Red Sox and their SS Trevor Story. Let's get something out of the way, Story is getting paid $22.5 million for the next two years. He gets paid $25 million for 2026 and 2027 seasons, and then there's a team option on him for 2028, for another $25 million with a $5 million buyout. If Boston does trade Story, it's because he looks like a bust so far.

Trevor Story batted .203/.250/.316, with 3 home runs and 14 RBI in 43 games and 158 AB. He wasn't much better in 2022 either, when he batted .238/.303/.434, with 16 home runs and 66 RBI in 94 games and 357 AB. He can't stay healthy and he hasn't been producing well, so why would The Fish ever consider him?!

From 2018 to 2021, Story batted .281/.348/.532 with 107 home runs and 296 RBI, in 503 games and 1947 AB. He also played elite defense during this time. He is only 30 years old, so can he turn things around? The key here is that Boston's new GM, would want to get rid of him and would be willing to take on most of the salary. At $10-13 million a year he may be worth it.

This trade almost certainly won't happen, but if the Boston Red Sox wanted to cut salary and dump Trevor Story.... the Miami Marlins could be good trade partners in a weak free agent market for the position.

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