First time Miami Marlins dads celebrate Father's Day

Otto Lopez and Dane Myers are new dads!
Otto Lopez
Otto Lopez / Elsa/GettyImages

This has been a trying season for the Miami Marlins. It's sadly time to concede that it's over and start looking towards the Trade Deadline. Next season does look better and hopefully will live up to the expectation. In the meantime, we can just get to know the players more, and hope that there will be enough improvements to compete for the playoffs next season.

New Miami Marlins dads are celebrating fatherhood.

Back on June 5, Miami Marlins 2B Otto Lopez rushed to the clubhouse to get in touch with his then pregnant fiance'. Finding out that she was fine, but about to give birth, Otto rushed to take the train from Miami to Orlando. Otto said that he was happy not to drive, making the trip more pleasant and relaxing...I'm sure he wanted as much rest as possible before the busyness of fatherhood would set in.

Otto has been bonding with his daughter Amelia and watching Marlins games with her while on the paternity list. In an ironic and perfect way, Otto's locker happens to be next to OF Dane Myers. Myers is another new dad, who was helped in turn by the dad before him closer Tanner Scott!

Dane Myers was very thankful for all of the help and advice that Scott gave him. It's heartwarming to hear that players help each other in such an important time of life. Both Scott and Myers praise their wives for how much they do and the sacrifices that they make. It of course would not be possible at all with out them. They also stress the importance of parental teamwork and of cherishing the moments with their babies.

Tanner Scott's wife Maddie encouraged him to help The Fish with the playoff push last September, despite just giving birth to their son Bo. He listened to his wife, getting saves in two straight games during that stretch. The Miami Marlins of course ended up making he playoffs, despite that being followed by a disappointing exit in the Wild Card round.

Fatherhood is important and it's great to see these Miami Marlins dads experience it!

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