Get ready for the 2024 MLB Draft and potential Marlins picks

The Fish have some interesting potential players to draft
Peter Bendix
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As we continue seeing injuries piling up... Do you know the order of the 2024 MLB Draft? The Miami Marlins pick 16'th in the first round (you can see the rest of the order at the link), but who will Peter Bendix pick? Will Bruce Sherman's plan to improve the farm system continue successfully? Who will end up picked by The Fish?

The MLB Draft will hopefully go well for the Miami Marlins this year.

The Miami Marlins could use some hitting help. While it will take a bit of time for any prospect to be good enough to reach the Majors, and to be fair in most cases they don't. First rounders usually do better than the rest, so there can be some optimism that the team's next first round pick might help boost the farm. It's also fair to expect next year's draft to include an even higher draft pick, based on how poor this season has been so far.

At exactly #16 on the MLB top 150 draft prospects list is 3B Tommy White. It obviously isn't certain that The Fish will pick the #16 rated prospect with the #16 pick, we can at least see who is likely to be available at that point. White is a 21 year old righty who has great raw power and Exit Velocities based on MLB's scouting report.

Assuming The Fish focus on hitting, another 3B Billy Amick is rated at #15 and could also fall to the team. Amick is perhaps alarmingly an overly aggressive hitter, who often swings at picthes outside of the strike zone. The belief is that he can hit 20-25 home runs per season in the Majors eventually.

At #14 on the list is C Caleb Lomavita. Caleb is a 21 year old right-handed hitter, who like Amick is known for swinging at everything. Considering how badly the Marlins need help at the position, it would be great if Lomavita turned out to be the answer. He's a good defender who is unusually fast on the base paths. That could always come in handy to the team of course.

The Miami Marlins need to have a strong draft and it starts with a good first round pick. I'm hoping that if it's one of those three players, that whoever is selected works out for the team and makes a positive impact.

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