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The Miami Marlins have very good young starting pitching. Eury Perez is one of them and we already discussed him this month. I also covered the latest top 100 prospects list. It's that list that concerns us today. Specifically this part: "Dax Fulton is another potential frontline starter". Fulton is not currently a top 100 prospect overall, but he's in the organizational top 10 at number 4. Let's take a look at what we can expect from Dax Fulton.

Dax Fulton could be the next breakout Miami Marlins prospect

Dax Fulton is a 21 year old 6'7 lefty, who has some serious potential going forward. He currently has a career 4.27 ERA with 10.7 K/9 and 3.9 BB/9 in the Minor Leagues. This season he has a 5.18 ERA with 10.6 K/9 and 5.2 BB/9 in AA. The strikeout rate is elite of course, but the walk rate is clearly alarming. He already has a high career walk rate, so for it to actually rise this season is definitely not very encouraging. That said, he's still young enough to get things back on track.

I found this article from last year, when Dax Fulton was considered the #9 prospect. It was very interesting in telling us more about the potential future Major League ace. Dax Fulton actually had Tommy John surgery back in high school. As a result, he missed his senior year but still was able to enter the 2020 draft as the top left-handed pitcher.

Fulton fell to the second round, and went as pick #40 to the Miami Marlins. He received an above-slot bonus of $2.4 million. Some quotes from Fulton: “I think the Marlins have done a very good job of monitoring my innings and making sure that I'm healthy every time I go out there, making sure I feel 100 percent when I go out there, and they're doing a good job of limiting my innings."

Dax Fulton is not doing particularly impressive at the moment, but the strikeouts are there and the potential is there. He's expected to debut next season so we can see if he'll make an impact then.

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