Get to know new Miami Marlins SS Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is trying to resurrect his career with The Fish
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson / Rich Storry/GettyImages

There's some excitement for some potential big years from important Miami Marlins bats. The Fish may not be done making upgrades, but one big one is already here. I'm of course talking about new SS Tim Anderson. Are you ready to get to know the new potential star SS? He was recently interviewed by and it was a very interesting read. It looks like The Fish have a great family man on the team!

Miami Marlins SS Tim Anderson is a pretty interesting addition to the team.

Tim Anderson is coming off a down year, batting .245/.286/.296 with a home run and 25 RBI, in 123 games and 493 AB. He did however bat .318/.347/.474 in 374 games and 1565 AB from 2019 to 2022. Anderson played his entire career until this season with the Chicago White Sox.

Did you know that Anderson got number 7 from teammate RF Jesus Sanchez? Anderson said that both of his kids (he has a son and daughter), were born on the seventh. He basically claims that number 7 is his lucky number technically. He said that he'll give Sanchez something in return for letting him have his number.

Tim Anderson described his personality as "laid back", "quiet" and "easy to get along with". It certainly sounds like he's not going to disrupt the clubhouse and will help build the team's chemistry this season. He also sounds like a family man, who prioritizes his kids over other things in is life. He seems to be the kind of person custom-made to represent a team in the community.

Did you know that Tim Anderson also has a hidden talent?! Yes he does! He knows how to play the drums! Though he also admits to not having played them in quite some time. Did you know that he suffered that he had a horrible injury in high school that pushed him towards the Majors? Hr broke his legs and subsequently gave up on a potential basketball career. The 6'1 hitter however admits that he probably would've switched anyway just based on his height alone.