How are the Miami Marlins doing stats-wise?

Jean Segura, Jorge Soler
Jean Segura, Jorge Soler / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Did Bruce Sherman and Kim Ng build a playoff team with the Miami Marlins? That's not what unfortunately most analysts are predicting, but you never know right? There's already some positives this season, but there's also some negatives as well. As the season continues, it's important to take a look at how the team is doing and see which areas need help the most. You can take a look at the full stats here.

The Miami Marlins are hoping to have a winning season.

Let's start with the runs per game stat...the Miami Marlins are scoring 3.17 per game at the moment. That's below the current average of 4.72 a game. I'm hoping that either the average falls or The Fish's scoring improves (specifically the latter!). Overall, The Fish scored 38 runs, which is below the average of 54 this season. Interestingly, The Fish have 96 hits, which is above the average of 95 hits. It seems as if the hitters are hitting the ball fine, but failing to score runs. Strangely, home runs aren't the issue here, as the 14 that The Fish hit so far is above the average of 13.

Looking at RBI, the Miami Marlins have 37, which is below the average of 51. As you can see the team is getting hits and hitting home runs at a good rate, but failing to get timely hits and scoring runs in general. In the stolen base department, The Fish have 9, which is higher than the average of 8. Looking at walks, The Fish have 35, which is slightly less than the average team's 40. The Fish have a high 112 strikeouts, which is above the average of 98. As expected, The Fish are only batting .245, but it's only slightly below the average of .249.

On the pitching side, the team ERA of 5.40 is below the average of 4.50. This is definitely a big concern for me, as it's the pitching that was expected to be carrying this team. The team also has 91 strikeouts, below the average of 98. I'm not going to keep going at this point, but you can see how the Miami Marlins badly need to improve hitting in scoring situations and the team ERA.

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