If the Miami Marlins play for the playoffs Sunday, here’s how pitching should go

Can the Marlins utilize any pitcher on Sunday, I don't see why not?
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two / Elsa/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins magic number is down to one and they are likely playoff bound.  The Marlins have a tough road to go and their roster of pitchers is banged up.  Sunday they need to be creative and there’s one possible idea that could help them out, but it would need to be worked on a strict schedule like Eury’s this season. 

The Marlins starting pitching the past 3 games has been up and down and besides Luzardo’s gem that was suspended on Thursday night, were shorter than usual.  Braxton Garrett tossed just 77 pitches, Eddy Cabrera threw just 67, and Johnny Cueto threw just 74 and in those three starts on Thursday, or Friday in Cabrera’s case, they were 25 or so pitches away from a full load, so what does that potentially mean for the future?  Could they toss some innings if it came down to it on Sunday, or would the Marlins not go that way?

What are the risks to the pitchers if the Marlins throw Garrett for two innings and Cueto for two innings on Sunday, each on two days rest but with less than a full game load?   It seems like it wouldn’t be a terrible idea if they really needed the innings.  Both games are deemed bullpen games with injuries abounding in the Marlins rotation and it seems like if they needed Cueto for two of those innings it would be a good use of him.  

Cueto especially would be the guy to fill that role, as the Marlins would probably want to save Garrett for a potential game 2 start in the playoffs.  In my opinion, Cueto is the fourth starter at this point, in my opinion, and should be bullpen fodder in a best-of-five series and should be available.  Do I particularly like Cueto out of the pen, maybe in the early innings but certainly not between seven and nine.  Let’s just hope the Marlins take care of business tonight and don’t need that option and can rest all their starters as much as possible. 

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