Is Miami Marlins reliever Geoff Hartlieb the September call-up or will his spot be a revolving door?

The Marlins made 2 moves for September call-ups today and one brings lots of questions
Miami Marlins Photo Day
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The Miami Marlins called up Xavier Edwards and Geoff Hartlieb today as the rosters expanded to 28 players with 14 pitchers maximum for the September call-ups.  Edwards has been up and has provided a spark at times with his speed and hitting for average, however, that trickled off as the spring went on and he was sent down.  The real question remains: will Hartlieb remain up or will it be another series of moves, using the open roster spot for more of a who’s freshest spot to help the bullpen?

Geoff Hartlieb has one appearance for the season at the MLB level and he went 1 inning and gave up 1 while striking out 2.   He has 31 appearances in AAA Jacksonville and holds a 3.29 ERA over 38.1 innings.  He has greatly improved upon his 2022 stats and could make a good impact on the struggling Marlins bullpen.  

Hartlieb is an interesting prospect as he is not on the ranking of the Marlins top 30 prospects as he is somewhat of a journeyman but he was chosen to be called up.  He will likely be up to help the bullpen and if he falters they will send him down and exchange out for another arm.  This doesn’t make much sense to me unless he is just here for the weekend series versus the Nationals.  

What makes more sense is that he is up for the weekend and when it comes to the next open start Cabrera trades places with him.  I could see the two of them working a rotation out but Cabrera needs to stay on, as I really like the idea of a 6 man rotation as a I wrote about previously.  It would be fun to see and maybe Hartlieb gets an appearance or two if the Marlins are up big on the Nationals.  

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