Kim Ng's comments on the Miami Marlins are interesting....

Kim Ng
Kim Ng / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need to upgrade both the rotation and bullpen at the trade deadline. There's even a case to be made for making a splash at the time too. Recently, GM Kim Ng went on Audacy's AM 560 Sports WQAM and had a very interesting interview. She spoke about some key players and about the team's plans at the aforementioned deadline. What did she say?

Kim Ng revealed her plans for the Miami Marlins.

LF Bryan De La Cruz is having a breakout season, and Kim Ng has taken notice of that. She pointed out that he does have issues being consistent, but has improved quite a bit. She seems to be very high on the young potential star, so it's safe to say that he isn't in danger of losing his starting spot. De La Cruz definitely has the makings of being a very good middle of the order bat going forward.

Kim also praised 2B Luis Arraez, who is chasing history this season. She said:

"You never really know exactly what you've got until he's in the clubhouse. Until you're seeing him play every day. Although we had high expectations for him...what he's brought to the table has just far exceeded (them). This is a tremendous player and a tremendous teammate... He's been just such an incredible add to the team on the field as well as off the field..."

Interestingly, she also seemed to imply that she's not a fan of building a team based on power hitting:

"We're not a team built on power...We had a lot of losses last year that were really close in terms of score...I just felt like there was some low-hanging fruit if we could change the dynamic and the approach of how we tried to score runs..."

She said that sending down starting pitcher Eury Pérez was necessary. She also highly praised emerging ace Jesús Luzardo. Aas far ar the trade deadline goes, she said that she's always looking to improve the team. This doesn't reveal her exact plans, but she might also not want to tip he rhand to other GM's. The Miami Marlins look pretty good with Kim Ng in charge so far.

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