Looking at the 2024 Marlins, they should be fun to watch but questions remain

Can the Marlins Make the 2024 Postseason
Luis Arraez and Jazz Chisholm
Luis Arraez and Jazz Chisholm / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The Miami Marlins have been a topic of conversation in October after announcing the departure of three-year GM Kim Ng. For owner Bruce Sherman, the search is on to find a president of operations and a GM for Miami.

Looking at the 2024 Marlins, they should be fun to watch but questions remain

Currently, there’s no telling if he will hire a president of operations for next year and fill in the GM void in 2025 or if he plans on hiring two people before spring training opens up on Feb. 24. 

Coincidingly, the reigning Cy Young winner, Sandy Alcantara, announced that he underwent Tommy John surgery and will miss the 2024 season. With the critical loss of the Marlins ace, the incoming front office should consider retooling in 2024.

This year, the Marlins exceeded everyone’s expectations after compiling an 84-78 record and returning to the playoffs for the first time in two decades - in a non-shortened season. After a successful season and no current direction from the front office, we take a look at what lies ahead.

The realistic approach is to take a quick peek at the NL East standings. The Braves will most likely return at the top of the table next year. The Phillies aren’t going to lose anyone, with their only key FAs being Aaron Nola. The Mets had an off year but might come back with full force with their unlimited budget - or what seems unlimited. Next year will be an interesting year in the NL East. There’s a possibility we can see four teams from the NL East in the wild card.