Major Miami Marlins/New York Yankees trade feels unlikely after the latest update

Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Eric Espada/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need a new Designated Hitter and trading a starting pitcher for hitting help is part of the solution for that. New York Yankees were reported to have had interest in Miami Marlins starting pitchers. The specific targets named were Jesús Luzardo and Edward Cabrera. Now there is an update on that situation...

The Bronx Bombers will likely not trade with the Miami Marlins.

The Miami Marlins may be in the tough position to have to trade a starting pitcher for hitting help. Trading a potential ace is not ideal of course, but if the team is unwilling to spend much in free agency, it may have to be the answer. It's important to point out that it's also a bad market for hitters in general, so that does give more support to the idea of a trade being the best solution.

It seems that the Bronx Bombers are unwilling to pay The Fish's high asking price. They would rather go after Blake Snell, who they supposedly offered a contract too. They also just signed Marcus Stroman and may simply have no more room or desire to acquire another starting pitcher.

Should we worry about the Miami Marlins not being able to make a trade with New York? I don't think so. I had a hard time seeing what made sense to acquire for the likes of Jesus Luzardo. It seems that it would either have to be unproven prospects, or upcoming free agents. I don't see how that benefits The Fish at all. The best return would be a young controllable starting caliber hitter and another similar player who may be slightly worse. I would also throw in a solid prospect as well. Is that too much? No.

The most valuable commodity in the Major Leagues is a controllable starting pitcher. This means that this requires a very high return and there's no reason at all to accept less than that. Once again, I can't see who The Fish could get from New York that would fit the criteria that I outlined. I have no issue with a trade not happening between the two sides.