Marlins free agent money should be funneled here

There aren't many options that fit as well as this, feels like it should be an easy choice?
Wild Card Series - Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies - Game One
Wild Card Series - Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies - Game One / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins need to build upon their success last season and not regress. Jorge Soler will likely be on his way out and the Marlins need a power hitter to fill the void he will leave. Soler hit .250 with 36 home runs this past season while driving in 75. That was great but that is hardly to be expected as he has been so inconsistent and injury prone over his career. He is a major gamble and one we should not entertain. 

Jorge Soler is too expensive for the return

The question then remains where does the $15 million dollars go that was a part of Soler’s 2023 salary? The Marlins have a place for it if it comes into fruition as they really could make a statement if they continue their push towards playoff success. Slugger Josh Bell who they acquired at the trade deadline has a player option for $16.5 for the 2024 season and all Soler money should go to keep him here, assuming he accepts the option, or potentially if he wants a little more.

Would Marlins fans and brass be up for paying a little more for Josh Bell’s services and perhaps a multi-year deal? I would say so after his leadership and heroics this past fall. Now if the Marlins could bring in another superstar like a Juan Soto, I would use the money there but that seems unlikely at the moment, although it would certainly boost attendance. Could a Bell and Soto reunion be in line in south Florida? The Marlins have a good amount of pitching and adding Soto and keeping Bell might be the winning combination the Marlins need, but it could be unattainable. 

In the end the Marlins need to do their best to keep Josh Bell and they need one more bat to boost their lineup. The Marlins have a potential bat in Troy Johnston but he will likely need some time to develop and it would be good for them to have an established starter as well. If Bell declines I would say the Marlins need to offer him a multiyear deal worth $16 million a season, and hope he accepts. First things first though, they need a GM to make that offer possible.

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