Marlins Legend Gary Sheffield’s last go at the Hall of Fame, should he make it?

Will he be held back or will he break the streak?
Aug. 11, 2009; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New York Mets pinch hitter Gary Sheffield bats against the Arizona
Aug. 11, 2009; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New York Mets pinch hitter Gary Sheffield bats against the Arizona / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Marlins legendary star Gary Sheffield is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the last time this year. Sheffield has the most iconic batting stance, and I bet you can picture it in your mind as you read this, and was a big part of the Marlins success. This is his 10th time on the ballot and the last possible, will he make it in?

Gary Sheffield was a powerhouse for many different teams and of course the Marlins. He has a total of 509 career home runs, 1676 RBI, and a .292 batting average over 22 seasons. You would think being a part of the 500 club he would be a no brainer but I think like the others of the steroid era he has been blacklisted but should he be?

No he shouldn't make the Hall of Fame

I love Sheffield and he was very fun to watch, but he is an admitted steroid user and therefore won’t make it. There is nothing that will change enough voters minds to get him to 75%. The problem with voting for him is that then you open the door to other PED users and that can’t happen. 

Writers will not vote for anyone who is a known user, which is why Manny Ramirez won’t make it either, or he shouldn’t. There are several players up this year for Sheffield’s final chance and I can see many of them getting the bulk of attention. The following are on the Hall of Fame ballot this year:

Omar Vizquel

Andy Pettitte

Bobby Abreu

Jimmy Rollins

Mark Buehrle

Francisco Rodriguez

Torii Hunter 

Carlos Beltran

Alex Rodriguez

Manny Ramirez

Joe Mauer

Chase Utley

Adrián Beltré 

Todd Helton

Billy Wagner

Andruw Jones

There are plenty of names there that will take up time and votes will be focused on them and not as much on Sheffield’s last go around. In the end when he doesn’t make it into the Hall of Fame, fans will still remember him fondly. While he shouldn’t and probably won’t make the Hall of Fame, he still is a talented player that will be remembered. 

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