Marlins tease a new jersey to be showcased at Fanfest

The Marlins have another new jersey for 2024!
Sep 11, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; A general view of a illuminated Miami Marlins logo in center
Sep 11, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; A general view of a illuminated Miami Marlins logo in center / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins are taking the 2024 Fanfest to a new level with a special surprise. As we wrote about before, the Fanfest has plenty of opportunities for fans to have a great time, both young and old. This new wrinkle of releasing a new jersey for the 2024 season at Fanfest gives fish faithful even more reason to attend. 

2024 Marlins FanFest will feature a new jersey!

The Marlins city connect Jersey and the Marlins throwback jersey were both a hit last season. This new jersey that will be released hopefully will add to the collection and there will be three days of alternate uniforms next season. The colors are awesome and the only thing better would be bringing back the all teal ones into a new modern style. 

The black jerseys will be a welcome change as they have bright white lettering and blue and orange accents. That’s as much of a sneak preview as we got but it looks like Marlins across the front will be bright and clear. The same style is in place for the blue jerseys yet those feature black lettering. The blue will go very well with the throwbacks and the red city connect jerseys. 

Hopefully the Marlins will make some more moves in the near future, other than the Trey Mancini signing to fill in those uniforms. The Marlins are shopping the free agent market to fill holes but fish fans hope a trade will produce a better result. The Marlins need to make one big signing and many of their potential targets have now signed.

Don't forget to reserve your Fanfest tickets online before you go, so you can enjoy the fun. There is plenty to do and plenty to see, especially if you want to see the new uniform for 2024.

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