Miami Marlins: 3 potential power hitting trade targets

The Miami Marlins are in desperate need of a 3 or 4 hole hitter.
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Paul DeJong, Miami Marlins
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Paul DeJong, SS

The Miami Marlins could look at one easy fix to the middle of the lineup, that is one Jazz Chisholm returns. The Marlins could move the lineup to have Jorge Soler hitting 4th and Chisholm hitting 3rd, and acquiring another bat to fill in the 2-hole. Paul DeJong would be a great fit for that spot.

DeJong is slashing .235/.302/.452 with an OPS of .754 and he has hit 10 home runs and driven in 21 so far this season. You might be asking yourself, why would we want to add him, doesn't seem like much of an upgrade? His numbers are all way up and look very close to his 2019 numbers when he had a 30 home run season. DeJong's percentage increases in many categories make this a real possibility, take a look:

HR % 2022 - 2.5, 2023 - 5.5;
SO % 2022 - 33.3, 2023 - 29.1
BAbip 2022 - .213, 2023 - .282
Hard hit 2022 - 37.6%, 2023 - 38.9%

Now how would you like to see a lineup like this: Arraez, DeJong, Chisholm, Soler, De La Cruz. That's a pretty strong 1-5.