Miami Marlins: 3 things Kim Ng should do at the trade deadline that would make her a deadline Hero

If these issues are solved and the roster improved at the same time, it would be an amazing trade deadline
Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins
Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins / Jasen Vinlove/Miami Marlins/GettyImages
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The Miami Marlins are on the cusp of making the playoffs and in order to get there they will need to be active at the trade deadline.  The Marlins have several pieces they can add and trade for and with the right combination of trade deals they will be well on their way to the playoffs.   If the recent sweep of the team by the Orioles tells fish faithful anything, it’s that we need to add to this teams strength. 

One of the biggest things that has impacted the Miami Marlins this season is lack of offensive production.   The offensive production is not for lack of hits but rather lack of hits with runners on base. The first thing that needs to be addressed by General Manager Kim Ng is this very issue.  The Marlins have a lot of hits and it would be a great transformation to the roster to add one guy to drive in the many runners left stranded on base.

The league has become an offensive league and good pitching is harder than ever to come by, so the Marlins need to cash in on a big bat to anchor the lineup.  The second issue that needs to be addressed is bad free agent signings and the last is pitching.   Those two will go hand in hand without a doubt and if they can be fixed, the sky is the limit for the Miami Marlins.