Miami Marlins: 3 things Kim Ng should do at the trade deadline that would make her a deadline Hero

If these issues are solved and the roster improved at the same time, it would be an amazing trade deadline
Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins
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Issue 1 - A big bat

The Miami Marlins have had a revolving door hitting at the 3 hole and 4 hole this season, positions that should be very consistent on any playoff team.  Unlike other playoff teams who are looking for more depth that lines up hitters in every spot of the lineup, the Marlins need a middle of the lineup.   

On no other playoff team would Bryan De La Cruz, Jesus Sanchez, or Garrett Cooper hit in the 3 or 4 position in the lineup.  Not that all three aren’t useful or better than average at their positions but more so that they don’t have the impact numbers to fill that position.  Certainly if Jazz Chisholm comes back and stays the 3 spot is filled but that still leaves one more spot to fill at cleanup.  

If Kim Ng can trade for a true power hitter that will have a big impact on the lineup the Marlins will be hard to beat.  On the short list of desirables that will be very difficult to acquire are Cardinals Paul Goldschmidt or Nolan Gorman, Padres Juan Soto, and Nationals Lane Thomas. Two of those names are very high profile and would make a huge splash to the fan base saying we are committed to contending, however the other two are more realistic and still very good options.  Adding Gorman (18 home runs), Thomas (14), Goldschmidt (16), or Soto (16) would make any of those players the second highest home run hitter on the team.