Miami Marlins: 3 things Kim Ng should do at the trade deadline that would make her a deadline Hero

If these issues are solved and the roster improved at the same time, it would be an amazing trade deadline
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Issue 2 - Non-producers

The second biggest issue the Marlins GM needs to address is the bad signings that are dragging down the team by the wallet.  The top of the dead weight that will be almost impossible to trade is Johnny Cueto.  

Cueto is scheduled to make $8.5 million this season and even if they can package a trade to get him elsewhere and keep half it would be a benefit to the team if they can sign a big bat like Soto.  Soto will produce for years and if they can sign him long term it would be huge.  

Cueto is coming out of the pen and is being paid like a premier starter or closer.  Cueto is just now coming back for the season and is coming out of the pen but is being paid like a rotation pitcher. If the Marlins can deal him or get him back up to an elite pitcher like last year or in 2018 they may have something, but if not, I would deal him.  

Jean Segura has been the most underwhelming of signings, as he has played but has not produced at all.  Segura is also scheduled to make a similar amount to Cueto this season and next and has not produced for a big offseason signing.  

Segura is hitting .221 with 2 home runs and 19 RBI for the season.  With that said his value may have increased some that would make him more trade-able. Segura is hitting .341 in July with 5 RBI over 12 games.  If the Marlins can upgrade and acquire a big producer at third and trade Segura, that would be a boon for their playoff hopes as it would give them more capital to work on pitching additions.