Miami Marlins: 3 things Kim Ng should do at the trade deadline that would make her a deadline Hero

If these issues are solved and the roster improved at the same time, it would be an amazing trade deadline

Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins
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Issue 3 - A starting pitcher

If Eury Perez will be severely limited for the rest of the season the Miami Marlins need to add another starter and it doesn’t have to be very flashy.  If the Marlins can add a starter that will be serviceable for the rest of the season that would be enough and the Cardinals are a great match for that, but even more so if they can add a big starter that will transform their team.  

If the Marlins can trade either Cueto or Segura or both, they would have room to trade for a bigger name starter and Blake Snell would be a great fit.  Snell has the resume to be a top tier starter and can be utilized in the playoffs and he would upgrade the Marlins already amazing rotation.  

Since the rotation is amazing someone as simple as Jack Flaherty who is a free agent next season would fit the bill.  He would be the fill in until the Marlins can use Eury every day.  He is streaky but has pitched at least 6 innings each start and that’s what the Marlins need. He will eat innings and get the Marlins, their worn out bullpen, and Eury Perez to the playoffs.

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