Miami Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara makes history

Sandy Alcantara
Sandy Alcantara / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins had some problems with ace Sandy Alcantara this season, but on Saturday the 2022 NL Cy Young award winner version was on the mound. The Fish won the three game series with the New York Yankees, and with Sandy back in his old form there's optimism for the stretch run. Did you know that Sandy also made some Miami Marlins history?!

Miami Marlins starting pitcher Sandy Alcantara makes history.

Miami Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara made history during The Fish's 3-1 win over the New York Yankees on Saturday. He is now third on the Miami Marlins all-time strikeout leaders list. He now has 763 strikeouts, right behind Josh Johnson (832) and Ricky Nolasco (1,001). He passed Dontrelle Willis (757) and now fourth on the list. You should look at his career by the way as it was very interesting.

There's more of course... Sandy pitched his 12'th career complete game. It also is the Major League leading third complete game of 2023. These days starting pitchers just don't pitch for the whole game. Sandy Alcantara is special however, and is able to do that on seemingly a regular basis.

The 2022 NL Cy Young award winner Sandy Alcantara has also improved his ERA. He had a 4.72 ERA in the first half, and now he has a 2.45 ERA in the second. He's back to his old form, and that's exactly what The Fish need for the stretch run. It won't be easy to make the playoffs, but having an elite ace like Sandy is going to go a long way in making that happen.

Sandy had a 2.28 ERA/2.99 FIP, with 8.1 K/9 and 2.0 BB/9 in 32 games and 228.2 innings pitched. So far this season, he has a 4.09 ERA/3.79 FIP, with 7.7 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9 in 24 games and 158.1 innings pitched. He will almost certainly reach 200 innings pitched this season, and will once again continue to be the ace of The Fish's rotation. While unfortunately he will not repeat as a Cy Young award winner, he can definitely improve his ERA going forward.

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