Miami Marlins All-Star Luis Arraez returns and the team digs deep to comeback and win

Luis Arraez' short appearance a sign of hope
Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates
Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins arrived in the Pittsburgh Airport at 4 in the morning after waiting around uselessly in New York to try and finish 4 outs. The exhausted Marlins team was sluggish out of the gates but made their usual push during the game to come back.  It was a true show of the teams grit and drive this season towards their destiny as exemplified in their team hashtag #MakeItMiami. 

The Marlins had several special moments that really signified what kind of a team they have become and once again major players stepped up.  One big time moment came when Hampson led off the inning rally with a hit and All Star Luis Arraez re-emerged from his injury and although hobbled, he singled and brought the tying run to the plate.  

Then the big names took over and the comeback was in full swing. Josh Bell started it with a 2 RBI double off the right field wall.  He was followed by Jake Burger singling in the tying run and Jazz Chisholm hitting a sac fly to deep left center to take the lead.  Big time players took the reins and led the team to a victory.  

Another great moment of grit came when Robertson took the mound in the bottom of the inning.  Robertson has seemed reluctant about joining the Marlins at times but his grit and resolve shone through in the 8th.  Robertson was verbally getting into it with the home plate umpire and followed up that exchange with a ground ball double play to get to 2 outs.  Robertson finished off the 8th with a strikeout and you could visibly see his grit and resolve to push his team to victory, as he held on to the lead with an 11 pitch inning.  

The Marlins new closer Tanner Scott who is also a new dad shut the door in the 9th.  Scott was very efficient in his 9th inning appearance taking only 9 pitches to end the game.  Jake Burger made an amazing diving play to end the game and throw the runner out at 1st, bringing the Marlins magic number down to 2.   It was a great thing to see how the Marlins pushed through to win and of course in typical Marlins 1 run fashion.  We are almost there!

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