Miami Marlins and the San Diego Padres almost made a blockbuster trade

A couple key Fish players were almost traded to San Diego before this season
Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Rich Storry/GettyImages

This off-season saw some interesting trade talk around starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo. There was no buzz about trades involving NL batting champ 2B Luis Arraez. Apparently a trade involving both almost happened. It's interesting to find out about this, as well as wonder what could have been? As well as whether it even made any sense to do in the first place.

Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres almost pulled off a blockbuster trade.

I'm glad that the Miami Marlins didn't trade starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo. Having three years of team control and being a solid top of the rotation arm, making only $5.5 million this season, it made perfect sense for pitching-needy teams to covet acquiring him. It also made perfect sense for The Fish to want to hold on to him, barring a massive return. The San Diego Padres are definitely one of the teams that has the farm system to pull that off.

I would imagine that top prospect Jackson Merrill would've had to be on the table. The same applies (and even more so) to top catching prospect Ethan Salas. It's not surprising if San Diego was hesitant to part with either of them. They would have to pay the price if they want top talent back however.

Jesus Luzardo was just one option though, there was also Luis Arraez! According to the report, Peter Bendix didn't want to trade Arraez as he didn't think that he could adequately replace him. That sounds very fair in my view. The report also states that San Diego's offer was actually pretty strong. That means that one of those top prospects had to have been on the table, considering they play positions of need for The Fish (SS and C). It was likely before a certain signing.

Luis Arraez is a free agent in two years, so unless he receives an extension, it makes sense to consider that The Fish will shop him around. I hope that both Luzardo and Arraez end up with extensions, but let's be realistic, it probably won't happen. Both could end up replenishing the Miami Marlins farm system as early as this season's Trade Deadline.

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