Miami Marlins are moving Jazz Chisholm Jr. to CF

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The aftermath of today's blockbuster trade continues... the Miami Marlins are now moving players around to fit the newly acquired Luis Arraez at second base. This is big news and solves The Fish's longstanding problem with not having a CF. It has now seemingly been solved and is leading to a whole new lineup with multiple players switching positions. I think that the result heavily improves the defense, which will only help get more wins. Who switched positions? Jazz Chisholm Jr., Bryan De La Cruz and Jorge Soler.

The Miami Marlins moved Jazz Chisholm Jr. from 2B to CF.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. was on pace for the highest WAR among second basemen prior to his injury in 2022. Chisholm won't be able to achieve that feat in 2023 unfortunately. He will be switching positions and moving to CF. I'm curious to see how he does there, but I expect him to be good at it. He's a very athletic player and I think that playing there won't be a problem for him. I actually predicted this before! Sorry for the brag, but hey I called it. I thought that if the Miami Marlins don't get a CF, Jazz might just end up playing there in 2023.

Jazz's move to CF means that the newly acquired Luis Arraez takes over second base. It also means that Bryan De La Cruz moves from CF to LF, a much better defensive position for him. De La Cruz has a lot of potential, so it will be interesting to see how much better he will be playing a better defensive position for his ability. I think that the OF is shaping up to look a lot beter after all of these moves.

Jorge Soler really shouldn't be in the field. He's literally one of the worst defensive players in the Majors. He might stay healthier and more productive by moving to designated hitter from leftfield. A healthy Soler will go a long way towards a potential playoff run. Things are looking much better for the Miami Marlins then they looked just a few months ago. What do you think?

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