Miami Marlins draft news and preview

Eury Perez
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The Miami Marlins made some roster moves last night, but unfortunately were shut out by the Atlanta Braves. Tomorrow we'll find out if our ace is fine, but in the meantime there's another thing on the way... the annual MLB draft. Let's take a detailed look at the draft and how things look for The Fish.

The MLB Draft is coming up and the Miami Marlins need to be well prepared.

The MLB draft will take place on July 9-July 11 in Seattle. The Miami Marlins have $12,829,600 in bonus pool money, which is in the top half of all of the teams. The Pittsburgh Pirates are first with $16,185,700, while the Philadelphia Phillies are in last place with $5,185,500. The New York Mets have $8,440,400 and the Atlanta Braves have $8,341,700. The Washington Nationals are in the top three with $14,502,400.

The order of the top 10 picks is...

1. Pittsburgh Pirates

2. Washington Nationals

3. Detroit Tigers

4. Texas Rangers

5. Minnesota Twins

6. Oakland Athletics

7. Cincinnati Reds

8. Kansas City Royals

9. Colorado Rockies

10. Miami Marlins

The first ever MLB draft took place in 1965, and had a staggering 72 rounds (even though some included just one pick for some reason). The current format is a more reasonable 20 rounds.

So who can the Miami Marlins draft in the first round? I'm going to skip the current top five draft prospects, as the chances of getting them is slim. At #6 we have 18 year old OF Max Clark. Max is a speedster (70 grade for speed), who has a strong arm and good contact skills. He may be a strong candidate for CF if he falls to #10. Another OF Walker Jenkins is rated #7. He is also 18 but may not be suitable for CF. He has good power and could be a good power threat.

Yet another OF is at #8, Enrique Bradfield Jr. is 21 and is an elite runner (80 grade), who is also an elite defender (70 grade). Unfortunately he's not a good hitter, so I would prefer to avoid him. At #9 is SS Jacob Wilson. Wilson is a 21 year old with good hitting skills, but not much else standing out. 21 year old RHP Hurston Waldrep comes in at #10. He has a great fastball and a potentially good slider.

3B Brayden Taylor comes in at #11. The 20 year old is an overall 55 grade prospect. He may be able to hit 20-25 homers a year one day. #12 is 18 year old 3B Aidan Miller. He has really good power and has done well against "good competition" (according to I'll finish the list with #13 C Blake Mitchell. The 18 year old has an excellent grade 70 arm and good power and contact skills.

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