Miami Marlins fans rooting for their rival and for good reason

The Marlins will root for whoever can defeat their playoff competitors
Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves
Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Marlins are closing in on the last Wild Card spot and a playoff birth.  As the number of games remaining shrinks, Marlins fans are rooting for their biggest rival to help their positioning.  The Marlins need help to get in to the playoffs and here is a great opportunity.  Tuesday night the Braves came back against the Cubs and took the lead late in the game to eventually win 7-6.

The Atlanta Braves are not a beloved team at all in Miami but for this series, Marlins fans are rooting for them hard.  The Marlins need the Braves to keep their foot on the gas peddle and take out the Cubs in order to improve their position.  If the Braves can sweep the Cubs the Marlins can sit in the last Wild Card slot and be in control of their own destiny.  

The Cubs remaining schedule is no cake walk and the Marlins are grateful.  The Cubs will play back to back series to end the season against two division winners.  After the NL East leading Braves the Cubs will face their division rival and champion the Milwaukee Brewers.  That makes for a very tough end to the season for a team vying for the last playoff spot.  

The Marlins have a much better matchup for the rest of the season as they face the bottom dwelling Mets and Pirates.  Both teams have had a disappointing end to their seasons which started off in a much better position.  

The Marlins have a pretty good schedule to keep their playoffs hopes alive.  Even the second Wild Card spot Diamondbacks have a tougher road to hoe coming up as they end their season against the Houston Astros who are also fighting for a playoff spot.   The Marlins really control their destiny and if they can get hot for the end of the year they will make the playoffs for the first time in a while. Fish faithful should pay close attention over the next week as the playoff dye will be cast in the next handful of days.