Miami Marlins front office reveals Winter Meetings plans

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are busy at the Winter Meetings, and might just be considering some big trades. We now know what Peter Bendix plans to do and how he feels about The Fish's roster going forward. He and manager Skip Schumaker spoke about the team's plans recently. The Fish need to improve this off-season, and do as much as possible to follow up on making the playoffs in 2023.

The Miami Marlins Winter Meetings plans are becoming more clear...

Let's start with Jazz Chisholm Jr. moving back to SS. With the Miami Marlins needing help at SS, and combined with a weak market for hitters, internal options enter the conversation. Could Jazz move back to his original position with the team? A position that he played in the Minors? I speculated that constantly moving him around was a bad idea, and it appears that Bendix and Skip feel the same way. Skip said that Jazz will not be moving to SS in 2024 and has been very good in CF.

Peter Bendix said that The Fish will be looking for upgrades at SS this off-season, but stopped short of mentioning any specific players. He also made it seem that he'd be "adding to the mix", rather then significantly upgrading. At least that's the impression that I got. It of course doesn't mean that no significant upgrade will be acquired, and seems as if he wants to tamper expectations somewhat.

Bendix talked about the importance of improving at catcher and that only some players will not be traded. He specifically said this about the latter:

"I don't like to consider anybody untouchable,. There's a couple of young players that are very, very good that are very unlikely to be traded."

He didn't name any names, but we can assume that he's talking about the tam's very best players such as SP Eury Perez. What about replacing ace Sandy Alcantara in the rotation next season? Bendix said this:

“You always need more pitching. No matter how much pitching you have, you always need more pitching."

He also added that RP A.J. Puk could potentially be stretched out as a starting pitcher. I'm not sure that this is a good idea, and would prefer that he stayed in the bullpen. Peter Bendix declined to give a direct answer on the future of the oft-injured SP Sixto Sanchez. 2024 will certainly either see a surprise comeback from him or be his final season on the team.