Miami Marlins have an injured hitter...

Avisail Garcia
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The expectations have been low entering this season, and I didn't even bother including him on my list of players that need to improve in May. Which Miami Marlins player am I talking about? Obviously disappointing RF Avisail Garcia. Avisail Garcia is now going on the injured list. What's happening with him? How long is he going to be out for? Who is replacing him on the Major League roster?

The Miami Marlins have an injured hitter.

The Miami Marlins definitely made a big mistake signing Avisail Garcia. Avisail played for the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox from 2012 to 2016. He batted .258/.310/.385 in 409 games and 1551 AB. At this point, it didn't look as if there was much improvement to expect from his going forward. He finally broke out in 2017 with the Chicago White Sox. That season, Avisail batted .330/.380/.506 with 18 home runs and 80 RBI. This was a major breakout season for him.

Avisail failed to follow up on his 2017 season, batting .236/.281/.438 with 19 home runs and 49 RBI in 93 games and 356 AB. This was a big disappointment for the hitter, he moved on to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2019. That season, he batted .282/.332/.464 with 20 home runs and 72 RBI in 125 games and 489 AB. Avisail moved on to the Milwaukee Brewers for the 2020 season.

Playing for Milwaukee Brewers from 2020-2021, Avisail Garcia batted .256/.331/.444, with 31 home runs and 101 RBI in 188 games and 642 AB. It was the 2021 season that stood out here, as Avisail batted .262/.330/.490 with 29 home runs and 86 RBI in 135 games and 461 AB.

It was clear that Avisail Garcia was an incredibly risky signing, and it wasn't much of a surprise that his time with the Miami Marlins has been a huge disappointment. He batted a terrible .224/.266/.317 with 8 home runs and 35 RBI in 98 games and 357 AB. He is batting an abysmal .188/.243/.333 so far this season. Avi is now going on the 10 day injured list with lower back tightness. It doesn't sound serious.

Avi's replacement is IF/OF Xavier Edwards. Edwards is a career .301/.376/.378 hitter in 362 games and 1374 AB in the Minor Leagues.

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