Miami Marlins heart of the lineup needs help, 3 reasons why

Do the Marlins really even have a cleanup hitter?

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves / Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/GettyImages
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The Miami Marlins are in the playoff hunt and as the season moves along they need to add a middle of the order bat to make things click.  Jazz Chisholm is a huge part of the offense and has only 167 at-bats this season, as compared to most top of the order players who are sitting around 370 right now. Is Jazz the answer or does there need to be more support?

Jazz is a major part of the offense and needs to be there but without him the offense is not as dynamic.  Teams can pitch around him when he’s in the lineup but if Arraez and Soler are productive it makes it difficult but no one is behind Jazz to protect him in the fourth spot. The Marlins need to trade for a cleanup hitter so Jazz will get his pitches and if he’s not in the lineup they need a big run producer.  

The Miami Marlins are an anomaly.  They are 3rd in the MLB in hits and yet are 22 in runs with 407 while the MLB leader has 564 runs.  To get into the top 10 in runs the Miami Marlins would need 54 runs, aka one more power hitter. Let’s take a look at three big reasons why they need to add that power hitter.