Miami Marlins heart of the lineup needs help, 3 reasons why

Do the Marlins really even have a cleanup hitter?
Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves
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Reason 3 - Clutch Numbers

The Miami Marlins are ranked 21st in the MLB with runners in scoring position (RISP).   The Marlins are 22nd in home runs with RISP and 15th in RBI, while ranking 7th in plate appearances.  Jesus Sanchez is hitting .254 with RISP, DLC is at .245, Jazz is at .231, and Cooper at .347.  To sum it up, the Marlins need another hitter in the .300+ average range and preferably one that doesn’t strike out 30% of the time, unless they have massive power numbers.  

The stats that the Miami Marlins really need help with are obviously driving in runs and home runs.  Any trade potential player must do those two things very well to increase the teams overall production.  Since both Jazz and Cooper have had extended time on the IL this season, durability is certainly another concern they need addressed.  

If either Cooper or Jazz have another stint on the IL this season that could spell disaster for their playoff hopes.  That just sums up another huge reason why they need players who will have production with runners on base and late in the game.  It could be a very fun deadline for the Marlins if they did go all in and add a big bat.  How much better would a lineup be in a game with a big bat in the middle and therefore pushing all other players on the roster out a spot where they will get better pitches under less pressure. 

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