Miami Marlins in a rain delay with worst timing ever

Literally the 9th inning
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two
Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two / Elsa/GettyImages

Still delayed at 1150 and here is why - this game impacts 5 different teams and that reason alone is why MLB wants this thing done tonight. Unless they determine its not at all possible I think they will wait it out. Just my thoughts.

Still delayed at 11pm - rain still coming down, and they got the Packers vs. Lions game on the big screen. Seems like it will still be awhile before any actions.

Miami Marlins fans and National League playoff hopefuls will have to wait for who knows how long to find out the latest standings. The current series against the Mets has been one only someone the likes of Gene Kelly could enjoy as it drags on even longer. The first game of the series was postponed and created the nightmare situation for the Marlins pitching staff by creating a double header on Wednesday.

That first game was called by Major League Baseball much to the chagrin of the Marlins faithful as they booed and mocked the decision all over social media. The chiding and mocking has now continued here at 10pm Thursday night as Marlins fans want to see the game finish and for their team to get the win in a critical final week of the season. The Marlins took the lead after Jazz tied the game on a 1 run double off the top of the left field wall, followed by a Yuli Gurriel big time pinch hit single to left. That's now where we stand.

One of the best comments so far in the rain delay is comparing Citi Field to a toliet bowl, hilariously put since it resides in Flushing, New York. There are countless posts on X about how the Marlins take the lead and then the rain delay is called, like it is right out of a script. What will happen, who knows but the rain looks like it will last for a few hours at least so Fish faithful better start the coffee now!

We will try to update this as the night carries on but if it gets too late I might have to give in to sleep, not by my own choice. The Braves have just defeated the Cubs and the Diamondbacks lost earlier today which puts the Marlins in prime position if they win to have a gap between them and the Cubs and to reduce their magic number down to two.

Ok new best X person pleading to finish the game tonight, even if there are gators on the field! Love it! MLB needs to hold teams there for a reasonable amount of time before suspending it. I think after midnight should be reasonable but who knows what they will do, especially for ratings over rationality.

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