Miami Marlins injured pitcher notes

Max Meyer
Max Meyer / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins had a major debut in 2022 of Max Meyer, who may end up becoming a future closer instead of an ace starting pitcher. Meyer was later shut down by injury and isn't expected to pitch at all during the 2023 season. He should be able to pitch on the Major League team again in 2024 (he's recovering from Tommy John surgery). There are also reports on another injured pitcher... I'm talking about Sixto Sanchez of course. What are the new reports?

Notes on injured Miami Marlins pitchers.

There are two major reports that were released recently. One from and the other from the Miami Herald. Let's start with the report on Max Meyer. Here's a quote from Meyer about his recovery process: "I think early February — even February 1 — is when I’m going to start throwing,” Meyer told Sielaff. “Been starting to get the elbow moving a little bit. … When Spring Training rolls around, I’ll be throwing with all those guys — I don’t know with the team or not — but I’ll be throwing. It’s coming up here pretty soon.”

This doesn't mean that Meyer will actually pitch for the Major League team this season. As I said earlier, the top prospect will rehab and then pitch in the Minor Leagues until he is ready to pitch on the Miami Marlins again. I suspect that he will not be given a rotation spot outright in 2024 and will have to work his way back. I also wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in the bullpen as a closing candidate. It would be a bit sad to see, but he could end up being great in the role.

As far as Sixto Sanchez goes, the former top prospect is getting ready for Spring Training and doing a great job at it according to backup catcher Nick Fortes. It will be interesting to see if Sixto will end up as a long reliever or even somehow cracking the rotation, as unlikely as that might seem at the moment.

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