Miami Marlins lineup projections

Jazz Chisholm Jr.
Jazz Chisholm Jr. / Eric Espada/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins are not done making moves for the upcoming season. Not only the lineup, but the bullpen is also likely to get some reinforcements. All of that said, where do The Fish stand now when it comes to our lineup? How does it look? What are the projections for it? I decided to use Fangraphs' steamer projections to see what we can expect from the lineup in 2023. I'll also simulate the batting order. Keep in mind that we almost certainly will have other bats after trades before the season, and that these are Fangrpahs projections and not my own.

The Miami Marlins have some interesting projections for the 2023 season.

3B Jean Segura will likely bat lead-off or second and is projected for .274 11 HR 60 RBI. I think that his batting average will be higher than that. 2B Jazz Chisholm Jr. will bat lead-off or second and is projected for .244 27 HR 73 RBI. I think that the average will likely be higher, but the home runs are encouraging and the RBI are expected for the batting spot (if it's lead-off).

LF or CF Bryan De La Cruz will potentially bat third and his projections are pretty bad, .262 15 HR 56 RBI. First of all, he's not projected to start, despite the fact that even our manager said that he will. He also batted .310/.342/.535 in the second half of 2022, which matches his Minor League production. I think that he'll be closer to .280 with 30 home runs and 80+ RBI. DH or LF Jorge Soler is next (we don't yet know how the lineup will look of course, I expect him to be the DH). He's projected for .230 25 HR 72 RBI. I definitely expect more RBI than that.

RF Avisaíl García is next and he's projected for .245 18 HR 70 RBI. That actually isn't too bad, considering that in 2022 he gave the Miami Marlins .224 8 HR 35 RBI. 1B Garrett Cooper is next and he's projected for .256 15 HR 63 RBI. That doesn't look good and is likely because of all the missed time due to injuries that he's projected for. SS Miguel Rojas is next and he's projected for .258 7 HR 40 RBI. Yeah that's not good. LF/CF/OF Jesús Sánchez is technically next (he might not start based on trades), and he's projected for .244 15 HR 46 RBI. This is for 84 games and 364 AB, so they project 30 HR 92 RBI for a full season.

I don't think that these projections are entirely accurate, but they're intriguing. What do you think? Is the lineup projected to be better than you expected? Worse? Let me know in the comments!

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