Miami Marlins lost ANOTHER arbitration case!

Jesus Luzardo
Jesus Luzardo / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins recently lost an arbitration case to new second baseman Luis Arraez. Now Kim Ng lost another arbitration case, this time to starting pitcher Jesús Luzardo. At least The Fish are not going to be graded on this by The Athletic... Did Jesús Luzardo deserve his raise? Should the Miami Marlins have offered him more? Let's take a look at what happened...

The Miami Marlins lost an arbitration case against starting pitcher Jesús Luzardo.

Jesús Luzardo filed for $2.45 million but the Miami Marlins filed for $2.1 million. Kim Ng apparently didn't want to bridge the $350,000 gap as the case went to arbitration. It was ruled that Luzardo should get $2.45 million and now he does. This is a big win for Luzardo and a second straight loss in arbitration for Kim Ng (though it was the Minnesota Twins that filed for Arraez's arbitration salary).

Does Jesús Luzardo deserve a raise or not? The starting pitcher debuted in 2019 with the Oakland Athletics, and produced a 1.50 ERA/2.63 FIP in 6 games (no starts) and 12.0 innings pitched. He had a very impressive 12.0 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9. In 2020 he received 9 starts in 12 games and pitched in 59.0 innings. This time he produced a 4.12 ERA/4.19 FIP with 9.0 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9.

Jesús Luzardo split 2021 between Oakland and the Miami Marlins. In Oakland, he pitched in 13 games and received 6 starts and 38.0 innings. He had a 6.87 ERA/6.09 FIP with 9.5 K/9 and 3.8 BB/9. He pitched in 12 games (all starts) and in 57.1 innings with the Miami Marlins. He produced a 6.44 ERA/5.07 FIP with 9.1 K/9 and 5.0 BB/9. Overall he had a 6.61 ERA/5.48 FIP in 25 games/18 starts and 95.1 innings pitched with 9.3 K/9 and 4.5 BB/9.

In 2022, Jesús Luzardo finally put everything together and produced a 3.32 ERA/3.12 FIP with 10.8 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9, in 18 games and 100.1 innings pitched. This was a massive breakout for the 25 year old. It seems to me that if he keeps this going he deserves the $2.45 million that he will now receive.

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