Miami Marlins Magic Number, playoff race updates

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Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins
Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

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Sept 30th update

Playoffs! We did it!

Sept 29 update

Cubs lose to the Brewers in the 10th! Magic number is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlins beat the Pirates 4-3 and bring their magic number down to 2! If the Cubs lose it could go down again to 1. Marlins own the tiebreaker against both the Reds and Cubs.

Sept 23 update

The Marlins lost last night and their magic number as at 9 yesterday morning. Marlins are currently in a 1 game hole for the last wild card spot behind the Cubs. Arizona is 2 games up and the Reds are half a game behind the Marlins. 8 games remain.

The Marlins swept the Braves this weekend but lost Monday night to the Mets, leaving them with a record of 78-73. The Diamondbacks are at 79-72, the Cubs are at 78-72, and the Reds are at 79-73.

The Marlins Magic number is at 12 as of 9.18.

The Miami Marlins are right in the thick of it when it comes to the playoffs and yes they have a chance!   Despite all the injuries and the August slog the Marlins are poised to make the playoffs for the first time since 2003.  The National League Wild Card race is very tight with 5 different teams within a few games of each other.  

As of Friday morning the magic number for the Marlins stood at 17 with 16 being elimination.  Is that high, yes, but again that is due to the big group of teams in the race together.  Here is how the Wild Card teams numbers look:


Phillies 13/20

Cubs 14/18

Reds 16/16

D’backs 16/15

Marlins 17/16

Giants 17/16

Now the number goes down with each win but with the complicated group standings it will be hard to see big time progress unless one team really falls apart.  If a team loses and we win the number will go down 2 but with the complicated wild card it’s going to be tough to see big movement.  The Marlins have 13 games left as of the morning of 9/16. 

Here is the latest in the playoff race:


the Marlins won! 

The Reds won

The Giants lost

And the D’backs beat the Cubs

The National League Wildcard Playoff standings look like:

Cubs 78-70

D’backs 77-72

Reds 77-72

Marlins 76-72

Giants 75-72

The Marlins have 13 games left as do the Cubs, the D’backs have 12 as well as the Reds and the Giants have 14 with a double dip today. 

After each teams current series what remains?The Giants have a tough end to their schedule with the D’backs, Dodgers, and Padres so they will have a very difficult time making it.  The Reds have an easier one with the Twins, Pirates, Guardians, and Cards. The D’backs have a tough road as well with the Giants, Yankees, White Sox, and Astros.  Finally the Cubs have a decent one with the Pirates, Rockies, Braves, and Brewers. The Marlins have the Mets twice sandwiching the Brewers, and finish with the Pirates, which I would say is close to the Reds in ease of schedule.  

dark. Next. Marlins cobble together starting pitching. Marlins cobble together starting pitching