Miami Marlins news: Fangraphs SS power rankings

Joey Wendle
Joey Wendle / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have a bit of a mess at SS... I already wrote about the Fangraphs' 2B rankings and the underrated star at that position from The Fish. So how did Fangraphs rate The Fish at SS? I'll spoil it from the beginning and say that it's not a good rating. It's to be expected considering Joey Wendle is supposed to take over, with Jose Iglesias as Minor League depth, Jacob Amaya on the way, Jon Berti on the bench, and Jordan Groshans in the Minors. Fangraphs includes Jean Segura for some reason too.

The Miami Marlins are rated at #23 in the Fangraphs SS power rankings.

The Miami Marlins are ranked in 23'rd place in the rankings. There's no point in going over everyone who is ahead of the team, it's a long and unnecessary list. Let's see what Fangraphs expects for The Fish at the position this upcoming season. The starter Joey Wendle is expected to bat .261/.309/.382 in 113 games and 452 PA. It's obvious that he's mostly there for his defense and the offense is just extra. In 2022 he batted .259/.297/.360 in 101 games and 371 PA.

Jon Berti led the Majors in stolen bases in 2022 with 41 and batted .240/.324/.338 in 32 games and 404 PA. He's projected to bat .240/.325/.340 in 79 games and 314 AB. He's a super utility sub at this point. Jordan Groshans is projected to bat .255/.320/.353 in 27 games and 106 PA. He batted .262/.308/.311 in 17 games and 65 PA in 2022. I feel bad for him, as he's not likely to get much playing time anywhere, with his positions at third base and short stop taken by other players.

Jose Iglesias is projected to bat .276/.312/.371 in 77 games and 305 PA. He batted .292/.328/.380 in 118 games and 467 PA as the starting SS for the Colorado Rockies in 2022. You may be surprised to see him on a Minor league deal, but his lack of power and declining defense are the reason for that. There's also always a chance that he will make the Major League team early on as a bench player as well.

Jacob Amaya is a defense first player, but he might just hit in the Majors. He is projected to bat .227/.292/.333 in 11 games and 42 PA in 2023. That's not promising but you never know. It's obvious that the Miami Marlins are going with a defense first plan at the position.

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