Miami Marlins news: Trade partner & new free agent target

Johnny Cueto
Johnny Cueto / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

This has been a terrible off-season for the Miami Marlins. Nothing has been done to actually improve the offense, while our division rivals have all done something. Patience is wearing thin and it's about time that Kim Ng does something about this whole situation.The Fish have been looking to trade pitching for hitting for months now and it doesn't seem as if there's much progress. Pablo López is specifically being targeted as has been reported for... well months for now. Well, I have some news for you! There's an interested team after Pablo and a new free agent target for us.

The Miami Marlins may sign Johnny Cueto to replace Pablo López in the rotation.

Let's start with Pablo. Once again, the reason why he's getting traded in particular is his extensive injury history, closeness to free agency (closest out of all of our starting pitchers) and the fact that his salary will rise quite significantly due to arbitration. It will hurt to trade him, but not as much if we bring in much needed bats in return. The big news today is that there is in fact a new team after Pablo... the Colorado Rockies.

As bas as our management has been, can you imagine what it's like to be a Colorado Rockies fan? At lease the Miami Marlins have a pitching foundation, Colorado has nothing but a bad team that management refuses to rebuild. They do spend at least, so there's that. They need pitching and have some interest in Pablo, but it's unclear who they will offer in return and it doesn't seem that their interest is that high either. They're concerned with his limited team control (only through 2024).

Wherever he is traded, the Miami Marlins are actually looking outside the organization for a replacement... Johnny Cueto. Cueto is 36 years old and is coming off a 3.35 ERA/3.79 FIP season in 25 games and 158.1 innings in 2022. The Chicago White Sox didn't re-sign him and here he is. The 5.8 K/9 is not very appealing and he hasn't pitched that well for years. He mich come cheap though and "you can never have enough pitching". What do you think?