Miami Marlins offensive struggle in August, 4 players that were big reasons why

The bright spots of the trade deadline were diminished by others poor play
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Jacob Stallings

Jacob Stallings isn’t a great hitter to begin with, so his lack of production is normal, however, August was even worse than normal.   When good players slump it can still be more productive than the bottom of the lineup, but it is really bad when the bottom of the lineup slumps.  Stallings played in 16 games starting 13 of them in August and posted a .147 average.  

Stallings also had a typical power showing, which resulted in 1 home run and 2 RBI with 3 doubles.  That’s not atypical for Stallings but it hurts even more when you are hitting only .147.  To make matters worse and to emphasize how poorly he was playing, Stallings was hitless from August 1st until his 1-for-4 night on August 18th. 

That’s 10 games in a row without a single hit, and to make matters worse he had another hitless pair of games after he went 1-for-4 leaving him with 1 hit for the month until August 26th.  Stallings ended the month with a 3 game hit streak which made his stats seem not as bad, as all 3 doubles were hit during that hit streak.  Not counting those 3 games at the end of the month, Stallings was hitting .040 for the month.  That says it all.