Miami Marlins offensive struggle in August, 4 players that were big reasons why

The bright spots of the trade deadline were diminished by others poor play
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Nick Fortes

The other half of the catching platoon left the Marlins with no options as Nick Fortes struggled in August as well.  Fortes is the only other option after Stallings, who we know struggled all month.  Fortes started 14 games and appeared in 17 total for the month.  

Fortes had a slash line of .171/.261/.317 with an OPS of .578 which doesn’t seem so bad when looking at Wendle’s numbers.  He had 1 home run with 2 runs batted in and hit 3 doubles for the month.  His last 7 games of the month Fortes was 1-for-19 for a .053 average. 

Those numbers aren’t as bad as others, especially for a typically non-power position.  The biggest impact of course was the combination of the two different catchers playing miserable baseball for an entire month.  Skip had no options all August for catchers, and the two areas Kim Ng was supposedly looking to upgrade, catcher and short, were full of holes for the entire month.