Miami Marlins overcome loss of All Star for the Mets series and make big strides towards the postseason

Luis Arraez is not necessarily lost for the season, but with only 3 more games who knows?
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
New York Mets v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have had really tough luck all season with the injury bug and it still is looming over the team as of the writing of this article. The MLB playoffs teams will not be settled it seems until the end of the season and the Marlins are in the thick of it. The amount of scenarios that can occur between now and then are impossible to even cover in one short article.

The Marlins are impressing many right now due to their grit but also due to their working through all the injuries all season but also late into the season. If you told any Marlins fan that they would be in this spot and they would have multiple injuries to Jazz, and time without Sandy, Eury, Soler, and of course Arraez, they would not believe you.

Arraez was limping around the field Wednesday and it didn't look good from the camera view we were given. The biggest question is, would bringing Arraez back at any time be helpful if it continues his injury longer? I can't see any reason why they would want to bring him back and hopefully rest him and get him ready for the playoffs.

Arguably, the biggest impact of any time off by any Marlins player who has gone out has been Soler. Even when Jazz was out the team pushed through and had a solid record. Arraez is out for the longest time right this season right now but so far the Marlins have been able to push through, with help of the great play of Xavier Edwards. Soler really has no sub that can come anywhere close to the production he has had this season, but at least with Edwards, he is fast and hits for average so Arraez is not replaced but he has been doing well and closer to the same production. Time will tell but let's hope when Arraez is back its the playoffs and he is fresh!

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