Miami Marlins pitchers injury news

Eury Perez
Eury Perez / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins have had too many injury woes lately. Ace Sandy Alcantara is dealing with a UCL injury. Emerging ace Eury Perez is dealing with serious fatigue issues. We now have updates on both and sadly they’re not very promising. Let’s just hope that both young pitchers get better and make a full recovery as soon as possible.

The Miami Marlins are without two key pitchers.

Health is the priority. While it might be frustrating for us to deal with as fans, health should always be prioritized over everything else. I admire Sandy Alcantara for his desire to help the team. I also admire his work ethic and talent. The right thing to do has been to let him rehab his injury, and potentially even get surgery for it.

The Miami Marlins made the right call and shut down Sandy Alcantara for the rest of the season. Sandy had this to say about this:

That’s the thing that broke my heart.  I won’t be able to go out there with my teammates and compete….Hopefully we make it to the playoffs without me. [I’ve] just gotta be here and support them,”

Time will tell if he will need the dreaded Tommy John Surgery or not. In the meantime we’ll wait and see how his recovery goes.

Eury Perez may have pitched his final game this season as well. Eury has been placed on the 15-day IL due to a left SI joint inflammation. This effectively ends his season, unless The Fish get into the National League Division Series. It would be a great boost for the team if it actually happens though.

Eury Perez’s replacement is Jeff Lindgren, who has a 5.14 ERA/4.69 FIP in 3 games and 7.0 innings pitched this season. Lindgren is unlikely to help much, but hopefully he can do better than what he’s done so far at least.

It’s incredibly frustrating to see the Miami Marlins lose both Sandy Alcantara and Eury Perez for potentially the rest of the season. I just hope that they’re healthy and producing next season.

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