3 Miami Marlins players who badly need to turn things around

There are three Miami Marlins players who badly need to improve...or it's all downhill from there
Sixto Sanchez
Sixto Sanchez / Brennan Asplen/GettyImages
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It's interesting how the Miami Marlins were questioned about the team's hitting...but the lineup actually doesn't look bad this season. The corner OF looked a bit rough going in, and that actually ended up living up to the expectations. RF Jesus Sanchez is clearly not living up to any of his former high expectations.

Sanchez debuted in 2020 with a .040/.172//.080 batting line in 10 games and 25 AB. He did better in 2021, when he batted .251/.319/.489 in 64 games and 227 AB. He declined in 2022, when he batted .214/.280/.403 in 98 games and 313 AB. Last season, Sanchez batted .253/.327/.450 in 125 games and 360 AB. As you can see, he's yet to play a full season in the Major Leagues.

Jesus Sanchez hit 14, 13, and finally 14 home runs again in those last three seasons. Wwhat can he do if he gets enough AB's? I can't imagine that he stays on the team (at least as a starter), if his final results are not significantly better than his current .184/.244/.184 batting line that he has so far this season. This is his chance to prove that he can be a starter or else he's done.

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